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Rivetto Barolo del Comune di Serralunga D’Alba 2010

August 14, 2015

Rivetto Barolo del Commune de Serralunga D'Alba 2010

For the second of my beach wines, I managed to sneak in an afternoon tasting, rather than my standard time for tasting which is to wait for the kids to be asleep. There are few things more relaxing than being on vacation and spending an afternoon on a balcony near the beach with a glass of wine (see my first post for my view). This was definitely one of those occasions where wine was more than something to analyze and deconstruct. The Rivetto on this day was to be enjoyed first; a complement to the scenery and the moment. The particulars of the winery and how the wine was made would have to take a backseat. Instead the wine shared time with the just-partly cloudy sky, the quiet of being near the beach, and the overall peacefulness of having a few spare minutes to myself. Ah, the joys of summer down the shore.

Alas, I did manage to jot down some notes on the Rivetto before the moment fully took hold. I am still focused on recording the experience after all, even if my attention is not solely on the wine… Continue Reading