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Hi everyone, and welcome!

I’m Chris, and as you can probably imagine since this is a wine blog, I love wine. But more than simply drinking and enjoying whatever I happen to have around, I love learning about wine. Ever since I was bitten by the wine bug back in my college days I have wanted to learn more and more about the wonderful and vast world of wine. My education started simply, reading a few books while popping more than a few supermarket-bought bottles.  Over time (and more books and even more bottles), I moved on to more formal training, becoming a Certified Specialist of Wine and recently completing my Diploma studies from the WSET.

Wine has always been a part of my life since those early days, but always as a hobby. I started a career as a lawyer (boo! hiss!), and then moved into finance (BOO! HISS!). I currently work for a Canadian-based bank in one of their New York offices. I am originally from New York, and it was a sad day in my life when I turned in my New York driver’s license for my current New Jersey license. But the New Jersey license does come with some very nice things- my lovely wife hails from the Garden State, and that is where we are raising our three beautiful daughters and one lovable dog (which is a she, meaning I am surrounded).

You might be wondering how I find time to learn about wine with a full-time job and a full-time family. The easy (but true) answer is I am a student at heart. I feel we should all never stop trying to learn, no matter the subject. Wine happens to be a passion of mine, which makes it easy to pick up the most recent wine magazine or go searching on the Internet for information on the producer of the bottle I am currently enjoying. Hopefully my passion to learn about wine will become obvious over the course of this blog.

This blog represents the next step in my wine education. Since I am not formally in the wine business, I wanted, and needed, something to give focus to my ongoing education. Sure, I could stop trying to learn more and try to be content knowing what I know and drinking what I enjoy. But I know that contentment won’t come. I would always be yearning for more. Some say knowledge is life.  Some likely say that wine is life. Why not combine the two?


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